Autumn Lytle, Esq.

Autumn Lytle, Esq.


When you are facing a dependency case or family law matter in Washington, you don’t want just any lawyer. You need a local attorney who will invest herself in your case. Defending you and your family isn’t just my job, it’s my passion.

I am Autumn Lytle. From my office in Olympia, I travel all across the Northwest Washington helping people fight to keep their families together. I have developed strong relationships with local court staff and understand court policies and procedures.

You won’t be just another case to me. I take the trust my clients put in me personally and put myself into every case. You will get to know me as we work our way through the case process. So when I make a recommendation on whether to settle or go to trial, you will know I have your best interests at heart.

About Autumn:

Autumn is an associate attorney at Desmond Law Group. She is passionate about keeping families together. Autumn practices family law and represents parents and children in dependency cases.

She grew up in Port Orchard, Washington. Autumn attended running start in high school and then transferred to the University of Washington to finish her undergraduate degree. Autumn attended law school at Willamette University College Law in Salem, Oregon.

When Autumn is not practicing law, she enjoys rockhounding, collecting seashells and taking her yorkie on walks.

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